How do I choose a therapist?    The most important aspect in choosing a therapist  is how you feel about the therapist.  If you feel understood and have a positive connection with your therapist, you are more likely to benefit from therapy.  I encourage clients to remember that you are a consumer of health care services.  Always feel free to ask questions and to give feedback to whoever you choose to work with.  Feel free to interview your therapist.  If you don't feel comfortable, keep looking!

Do I need therapy?   Therapy can be a valuable venue to examine and resolve issues, to feel heard, and to gain a different perspective.  Some folks still feel embarassed to seek help.   If you are reading this, you are likely curious about the process.  I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have.

Is our relationship over?   Many couples go through a point where one or both have serious concerns about the future of their relationship.  Coming to couple or marital therapy does not mean your relationship is already over.  Waiting until things are "really bad" may make it harder to repair your connection.   But regardless of the state of your relationship, if you both know you want to save it, there is an good chance you can. 

How long does therapy take?    Therapy can be goal directed and short term.  For example, you may have a specific problem that you want help with.  Longer term work might include family of origin concerns.   Many couple's will feel a benefit from therapy within about 4 sessions.   However, couple's usually participate for a minimum of 8 sessions.  You will know if therapy is benefiting you or your relationship.